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ISBN: 978-1-886046-92-4 eBook
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Do you believe in Ghosts? How about Spirits? You do not have to believe in ghosts to enjoy a good ghost story. Spooks and Saints is a book about some of the many intriguing ghost legends that have arisen in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Well known across the globe for the "Saints" that live here, Salt Lake also is home to people of varied backgrounds as well as some "Spooks." These are their stories.

Famous or more obscure, all are true. After more than a decade of research and just as many years in the making, Spooks and Saints excites, tingles and entertains.

Book Talk

Robin Bady

New York

... I loved the book, the way it looked, the range of stories, and how you wrote them - both scary and inviting. And thought provoking ...

Jaime Winston

Salt Lake Magazine

These stories ... jump off the page and elicit a cavalcade of excitation, pity, sorrow and even fear from the reader...

Author's Biographical Sketch

Cherie Davis

Biographical Sketch of Cherie Davis

Born in Provo Utah, Cherie Mercer Davis moved with her family to Idaho Falls, Idaho when she was young and later to Littleton, Colorado.

She attended both Ricks College and Brigham Young University, graduating with a degree in Computer Science in 1978. She met and married her husband of over 30 years, Bob Davis, while working with computers for several years with such companies as Wicat, Sperry/Univac and E-Systems both in Utah and Washington, DC.

Always interested in performing, she took up drama while in high school. Much later, when a friend could not use some tickets to the annual Utah Storytelling Guild Story Swap, she used those otherwise unused tickets to attend. What she experienced was life changing and the rest, as they say, is history.

After that she joined the guild and began to study the art of storyelling. She was soon telling stories at the local library and then around town and later the region. She has since told in various venues around the region including StoryTours of Salt Lake where she got involved with her current project, Spooks and Saints.

When Cherie first attended the Timpanogos Story Telling Festival in Orem, Utah, she was entralled with such artists as Donald Davis, Kathryn Windham, Bill Harley and Carmen Deedy. She wanted to get involved and started to work with the youth tellers of the area. She was soon invited to chair the youth tellers committee for the Festival. Several years later, the Festival adopted the National Youth Storytelling Showcase where she was asked to assist.

Her current project started over 10 years ago. While working with StoryTours of Salt Lake City Cherie, along with StoryTours founder Kristen Clay and others, started to research the ghostly tales of Salt Lake City. Although not originally a believer in ghosts, she did believe in life after death and a spirit world. She relates a quote from Kathryn Windham, "You don't have to believe in ghosts to enjoy a good ghost story". With that, after listening to others relate their experiences as well as hearing about the eerie encounters of her friends, her mind started to accept the posibility of ghosts. She was suprised at the number of tales related to her. It seemed every year more and more people would come forward with ghost stories.

Soon there were more stories than could be shared in a tour ... or even four tours. It was decided that the best way to keep track of all the stories and to share them with others would be to publish a book. With the help of other storytellers some of the favorite stories as well as some new ghost tales have been published as Spooks and Saints.

With the successful completion of this project, Cherie's Company Stories Unimited, Inc. decided to joined forces with Davis Media to form The Davis Media & Publishing Corporation. As a result she is now CEO of an indepentantly-operated division. This move has allowed her to concentrate more on the things she loves, sharing and teaching with stories as well as developing the talents of others. A second book is in the preliminary stages of development.

Come take a journey with Cherie as she recounts, in her latest book, the ghostly adventures of some of the more intriguing legends of Salt Lake City. As mentioned, the years of research have uncovered countless more, but we think this is a good place to start.

Awsome! can't wait to get a copy of Spooks and Saints. Let me know when and where

About 40 mins ago